Are you tired of wondering if your words really matter?

Do you dread sharing your ideas at work because you don't believe they'll really be heard? Do you feel like you're constantly having to prove your value in an old boys network? Do you stop yourself from asking questions because you don't want to come across as unintelligent? Do you put up with way too much crap from other people because you'd rather not raise conflict or make waves?

What if you weren’t diminished by the fear of what other people think or inhibited by your own perfectionism? What if you really could just get out of your head and be yourself? Imagine how your life would be different if you truly believed in the power of your own voice.

If you are ready to move forward and learn to trust yourself, I have great news.

You are the expert on your voice. Your own values, sense of expression, and convictions can guide you about how to speak in any situation. I want to help you understand this in the deepest part of your being, and actually live it out in every area of your life. Throughout the coaching process we will address the fears, doubts, and challenges that are separating you from your most authentic voice.

The way you speak comes directly from what you believe about yourself. Identifying those beliefs and thoughts can be a vulnerable process, which is why I like to work one on one over the phone or online. It’s a convenient and confidential way for us to connect anywhere in the world without excuses.

The only thing separating you from your authentic voice is time and commitment. If you can make the space to honestly work on your voice, you will be unstoppable. Together, we will face the tough questions and create a plan to move beyond them. You can start right now.


The Center for Women’s Voice helped me to bring my whole self to presenting, something I had been wanting for years but couldn't seem to achieve on my own…Malika helped me to not just know but FEEL that I was the perfect person to be speaking.

Vanessa Carter

Senior Data Analyst and Writing Specialist

Working with the Center for Women’s Voice helped me get outside of my own head, connect to tools and approaches to address my fears, and find a sense of control over things that seemed scary. I love Malika’s confident and warm tone and the structure she provided for writing out my ideas before our sessions. She is on a simple and yet ambitious mission to help women use their voices in the most authentic, powerful, and effective ways possible. I loved working with her and I'm really excited to see what CWV brings to the world!

Kate Krontiris

Independent Researcher, Strategist and Facilitator

I was dreading the oral exam for my PhD program. I feared the questions, being put on the spot and not knowing how to respond, and just being the center of attention of three professors I have so much respect for. For the whole of grad school, I have fought the lurking suspicion that I wasn't really smart enough to be there. Working with Malika helped me reframe the oral exam and more broadly she helped me see and believe the evidence that was there: I am scholar. I deserved to be in the program. With the centering tools and thought-exercises we completed before the exam, I was able to reframe the exam as opportunity for a great conversation with other like minded people. I was able to walk into the room with confidence, sit in my chair with confidence, and answer the questions with confidence. Though I sought Malika's coaching for the test in particular, I feel like it's had a larger influence-- helping me to believe in my work as a scholar.

Alessandra Simmons

PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Let's work together!