Isn't it time for a change?

Malika Amandi

Founder and Director

Let's work together!

I'm an actor, teacher, and a feminist. I've worked in the entertainment industry, silicon valley, universities, public elementary schools, non profits, and most recently the military.

When I was gearing up for my biggest training session to date - for a room full of mostly male service members - a well meaning supervisor advised me not to take it personally if the audience tuned out while I was speaking. I was told that I should turn the presentation over to my male co-facilitator if it seemed like my points weren’t landing. The phrase, “sometimes it just sounds better coming from a man” was used.

Nope. I didn’t work that hard to be told that sometimes things won’t pan out, because I’m a woman. That’s not how I roll, and I don’t think it’s how you roll either.

I'm here to help you use your voice in the most authentic, powerful, and effective way possible. I believe that how we use our voices as individuals in our daily lives directly impacts the rights we have and the way we're treated as a community in the world at large. I’m not just talking about the sounds that come out of our mouths (though that's important too), I'm talking about the bigger Voice with a capital V. What we have to say, what we believe, what we stand for and what we don't stand for.

I've had formal voice training in a conservatory MFA program, but more importantly I've been in so many situations where I've had to use my voice to get a point across or make something happen, no matter what was going on for me inside. Whether I'm in a room full of producers auditioning for a network television show, standing in front of 1200 uniformed marines leading a professional development training, or having a hard conversation with a relative - I've found a way to be heard and be myself at the same time. It's not magic, it's not something I was born with, it's totally teachable, and you can learn how to do it too.

I love working with smart, woke, independent, professional women because you already have something to say and a reason to say it. With a little bit of guidance and space to practice, you will be able to use your voice to move yourself forward in life and get what you want.